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Jul 05, 2018 · Coated Bolts Sizes:All Sizes Available Materials:Teflon, Xylan Types:Nuts, Bolts, Washers Colors:All colors available Dip Pipe / Spargers Sizes:All Sizes FUSIBOND PLASTIC LINED PIPING SYSTEMSLINED PIPE SIZE 1 1.5 2 2.5 3 4 6 8 10 12 15/SEC 10/SEC 5/SEC 3/SEC 1/SEC 4,000 9,000 Pressure Drop and Velocity (water) for Fusibond HDPE or Polypropylene Lined Pipe PVDF, ECTFE, ETFE, PTFE, and PFA lined pipe losses are less than shown. Pressure Drop for Fusibond Fittings in equivalent Feet of Pipe

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PTFE Lined Hydraulic Hose (SAE100R14) R14 PTFE and Compressor Discharge Assemblies. Steam Hose. Class 100, 125, and 150 Pipe Flanges. Class 300 Flanges. Flange Gaskets (Ring, Raised Face, and Full Face) Kynar/PVDF, PTFE, FEP Tubing - TUT. We also stock a range of push-to-connect fittings, tube supports, clamps, straps, valves, and other Item # 6, 4" PTFE Baffle Strainer On Micromold Products, Inc.Turn any plastic lined Tee into a simple in-line strainer. We make PTFE, PVDF, and PPL baffle strainers to fit your plastic lined Tee, allowing you to quickly and easily protect pumps, valves, and other sensitive components. If you prefer, we can source a Tee for you and supply the complete assembly. Micromold Products, Inc. Yonkers, New York, NY 10701April 25, 2007 - Mar. 21, '07, Yonkers, NY - Micromold Products, Inc., a manufacturer of engineered plastic products for fluid flow since 1950, offers a complete line of steel dip pipes and spargers, lined and jacketed with PTFE, to handle corrosive liquids in the chemical

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Pipe and fittings are available lined with a variety of fluoropolymers. Whether you need a system with Polypropylene, PVDF Kynar®, EFTE Tefzel®, PFA Teflon®, or PTFE Teflon® lining, QIP will provide it for you. Give us a call today to discuss transforming your isometric drawing(s) into a PTFE Lined Pipe SystemsVenting PTFE fittings other than blind flanges, reducing flanges, reinforced spacers and instrument connections are vented with one vent hole near the center of the fitting. PTFE lined pipe spools 3 feet or less have one vent hole near the center of the spool. Pipe spools longer than 3 feet have two vent holes, one near each flange. PTFE and PVDF Y-Strainers MicromoldPVDF units are available in pipe sizes up to 4, PTFE units up to 3". In addition to the standard flanged, NPT, Tri-Clamp and metric for both PTFE and PVDF units or, IPS socket- or butt-weld connections for PVDF units only, we can provide virtually any connection (True-Union, etc.) on special order.

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PTFE Lined Hose Assemblies Available in two distinct styles :smooth bore (typically for smaller diameters) and convoluted (typically larger diameters and/or higher required flexibility). PTFE offers the following features and benefits for your transfer connector (process flow) requirements:extremely broad chemical compatibility; non-stick surface; FDA-approval; CIP (clean-in-place) and SIP Plastic-Lined Piping Systems - Baum America CorpPipe 6-8 Spacers/Flanges 9 Elbows 45/90 10 Laterals 11 Short Stack Tees and Short Stack Crosses 11 Strainer Tees 11 Tees 12,13 Crosses 14 Instrument Tees 15 Reducing Flanges 16, 17 Concentric Reducers 18 Eccentric Reducers 19 Hose 20 Jacketed Pipe & Fittings 20 Nozzle Liners 24 Expansion Joints 21-24 Dip Tubes & Spargers (PTFE Lined Product Index from Micromold Products, Inc.May 09, 2021 · Lined Pipe Accessories. Cylindrical Tanks - PTFE, PFA, PVDF Rectangular Tanks - PTFE, PFA, PVDF Tanks Specials. Spacers, Flanges & Gaskets. Spacers & Flanges PTFE, PVDF, PPL, CPVC PTFE Lined Steel Reducing Flanges Spectacle Line-Blinds Paddle Blinds and Paddle Spacers Gaskets - PTFE SEE MORE. Design and Custom Plastic Fabrication. PTFE

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PTFE Lined Hydraulic Hose (SAE100R14) R14 PTFE and Compressor Discharge Assemblies. Steam Hose. Class 100, 125, and 150 Pipe Flanges. Class 300 Flanges. Flange Gaskets (Ring, Raised Face, and Full Face) Hydraulic Flanges, Blocks, Spacers, Plates, and Kits. JIC, ORB, and NPT Hydraulic Adapters Solid Kynar PVDF Double Flanged Dip Pipe On Micromold Download PDF. Printable Page. Email This Page. Save To Favorites. larger image. Solid Kynar PVDF Double Flanged Dip Pipe. 1" x 3" x 4 feet long. With Gussets. Solid Kynar PVDF Double Flanged Dip Pipe On Micromold Pipe, Tube & Fittings; Spacers, Flanges & Gaskets; Reaction & Process Vessel Accessories Product Index > Lined Pipe Accessories > Lined Pipe Accessories Specials > Solid Kynar PVDF Double Flanged Dip Pipe > View Items :Solid Kynar PVDF Double Flanged Dip Pipe:Check up to five results to perform an action. larger image. Solid Kynar PVDF

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Class 300 (300 lb.) Spacers:For Class 300 spacers, add to the Base Part Number the suffix 300. For other classes, contact the factory. For example, a 2 Class 300 PTFE threaded Ring Spacer x 1-1/2 thick would be SRT-2-1.5-NPT-300. Click here to view the Sizes of Class 150 and 300 Spacers and Flanges.PTFE Pipe Spacers Gaskets 4B PlasticsPIPE SPACERS The most common materials used for full face spacers are PTFE, Kynar, HDPE, and Polypropylene. These full face spacers are ordered by pipe size from 1 to 24. Thickness of these spacers can be made per customers needs up to 12.