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Eureka, Electrolux, Beam CV325 Central Vac Vacuum Cleaner Control Module Part No # 100630 Fits In Model # CV325, SC225A, SC225C, SC325A, SC325C, PU201A, PU503A, SC300A, SC200B Product information Manufacturer Ametek-Lamb (119992) Central Vacuum Motor - Call 1-800 Beam SC325C :Honeywell H703 :Beam SC375A:Imperium PU300A:Beam SC375B:Imperium PU375A :Beam SC375C:Aggresor A6 * Rule #1, Remember to keep your old motor gasket when ordering a new replacement motor for your central vacuum! These brand new genuine Ametek Lamb motors are drop shipped directly from the manufacturer and will be coded and dated.

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BEAM Model SC325A:BEAM Model SC325C:BEAM Model SC325D:BEAM Model SC3500A:BEAM Model SC3500C:BEAM Model SC3700A:BEAM Model SC3700C:BEAM Model SC375A:BEAM Model SC375B:BEAM Model SC375C:BEAM Model SC380A:BEAM Model SC3900A:BEAM Model SC395A:BEAM Model SC395B:BEAM Model SC395C:BEAM Model SC395D:BEAM Model SC398:BEAM Beam 100630 Circuit Board - Quality Home SystemsReviews (1) The 100630 circuit board is a genuine replacement for select Beam, Electrolux, Fridgidaire, Honeywell and Power Star central vacuum units. To determine if this is the correct part for your central vacuum unit, go to our Parts Finder. Please contact our friendly experts if you have any questions. Product Q/A of Beam100630 Circuit Board. Beam Central Vacuum Motor- Model 225A- Lamb Ametek This genuine Lamb Ametek motor is designed for your Beam Central Vacuum unit model 225A. This motor has Lamb Ametek 119992-00 model number. Like many other motors, this motor is compatible with the following models:

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Beam Central Vacuum Motor- Model 275A- Lamb Ametek 119992-00. $ 99.10 $ 79.10. Specifications:Dual-Tapered Fan System. Suitable for 115 volts only. 5.7/ 145 mm diameter. Dual ball bearings. Single speed. Tangential bypass discharge. Beam Control Module for the Beam SC225A, SC325A, Description This is a new factory control module for the Beam SC225C, SC325A, SC325C, SC335A, PU201A, PU503A, SC300A, and SC200B central vacuums. This replaces the old Beam Electrolux 100616 and 100612 relay. Beam Owner ManualThe Beam® hose and attachment set comes with a telescopic wand and a variety of cleaning tools allowing you to clean virtually any surface from wand or directly on the hose handle. The combo tool is used for cleaning and is used about 80% of the time. It allows you to move from carpets to stopping by switching the convenient toe switch

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This Ametek Lamb central vacuum motor is designed to fit the following models:Beam 275A Beam 375A Beam SC225A Beam SC225C Beam SC275A Beam SC275C Beam SC325A Beam SC325C Beam SC375A Beam SC375B Beam SC375C Beam SC3700A Beam PU201A Beam PU503A Beam SC300A Eureka CV6500 Electrolux PU3650 Electrolux PU3450A Honeywell H503 Honeywell H603 Honeywell Beam by Electrolux Model SC325A Power Unit CMW Beams most compact power unit that still packs a punch. Designed for installation at locations where storage space is at a premium, such as condominiums, town houses, apartments, this unit is still capable of quietly cleaning homes up to 3,500 sq feet. Buy Beam Central Vacuum Power Cord online Vacuum Main Power Cord for Beam and Eureka Central Vacuum Units Detachable electrical power cord for Beam and Eureka central vacuum units. This cord connects the main central vacuum unit into the electrical outlet. Compatible with most Beam and Eureka central vacuum units with a detachable cord. Genuine part number:100346.

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Dec 25, 2020 · Beam sc398a power unit microfilter vacuum bags 395ecm beam microfilter vacuum bags 395ecm beam electrolux vacuum repair s central vacuum repair vancouver Beam Sc325c Replacement Parts For Central Vacuum Power Weighted Inverted Cloth Filter 11 in. Wide for many Beam Fits in Beam models:200B, 2725, 725, SC200A, SC200C, SC225A, SC225C, SC325A, SC325C, SC325C Fall Ed 2009, SC325C Fall Special 2010, SC325C Spring Ed 2009, SC325D Show Full Description Compatible with many popular brandsBuy Beam SC325 Serenity Quiet System Central Vacuum Unit The ideal Beam central vacuum power unit for smaller homes is the SC325 with its 600 air watt motor. This unit is made in Canada and capable of cleaning homes up to 3500 square feet, however it will do a great job in any home under that size. The Beam air watt motors use tapered fans which drastically increase the air flow.