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Application:Petroleum and natural gas industries-Steel pipes for use as casing or tubing for wells (ISO 11960:2014). Heat treated:1886°C - 1357°C. AFNOR NF Q125 Type 1 NF EN ISO 11960 chemical. For AFNOR NF Q125 Type 1 NF EN ISO 11960 datasheet and AFNOR NF Q125 Type 1 NF EN ISO 11960 chemical composition, please see the table below. API 5CT Casing Pipe in J55/K55, N80, L80, P110 API 5CT Grades covers J55/K55, N80 type 1 and N80Q, L80, C90, T95, P110, Q125, and with additional requirements of 13 Cr. Steel Casing pipe appearance Casing pipe section shape is round, in big diameter pipe and put it into the oil well, fixed by the cement, to protect other

API 5CT J55 Casing Canada Steel and Casing Imports

API 5CT J55 Casing Tubing is a API 5CT Oil Casing Pipe & mainly used for oil well drilling. We manufacture API 5CT J55 Casing Tubing in accordance with the SY/T6194-96 standard, it is available as short thread type and long thread type supplied with their couplings.. According to American Petroleum Institute Standard API SPEC 5CT1988 1st edition, the steel grade of API 5CT oil casing pipe can API 5CT Q125 Tubing, API 5CT Q125 Casing, Casing And Short Description:Q125 API 5CT Casing /Tubing suppliers, Q125 Oil And Gas Api Casing Pipe, Q125 Api Oilfield Casing Pipe, Q125 Api Steel Casing Pipe, Q125 Api Casing /Tubing, Nue Api Tubing, Eue Api Tubing, Grade Q125 Oil Well Drilling Casing Pipe API 5CT Q125 Casing Specification Casing Pipe Specifications Standards:API SPEC 5CT Model in Common Use:2-3/8, 2-7/8, 3-1/2, 4, 4-1/2 API 5CT tubing Casing & Tubings A519 tubing OCTG CASING PIPES OF GRADES J55, K55, AND N80 API 5CT H40, J55, K55, M65, N80, R95 Casing, Tubing L80C90T95, C110 and Deep Well Casing P110, Q125. API Casing Steel, API 5CT, Corrosion-Resistant Casing, Common Application Casing, Deep Well Casing. Dealer price of API 5CT Casing, Tubing Call:+91-22-4343 1313 Send Mail:info

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API CASING TABLE SPECIFICATION Size Wei ght ID Drift Capacity Inches mm lb/ft Inches mm Inches mm bbl/100ft 7 3/4 196.85 46.10 6.560 166.62 6.500 165.10 4.18 API Q125 Type 1 API 5CT - BBN STEEL STORESAPI Q125 Type 1 API 5CT Introduction. Q125 Type 1 specification, Q125 Type 1 chemistry, Q125 Type 1 steel equivalent, Q125 Type 1 steel plate thickness chart, Q125 Type 1 Mechanical Properties, Q125 Type 1 steel hardness, API steel manufacturer in China, What's the Composition of API Q125 Type 1 API 5CT? Application:Casing and tubing. API Steel Grade for Casing & TubingAPI Steel Grade K55, N80, L80, C90, T95, P110, Q125. API, shorted for American Petroleum Institute, is considered as the most authoritative and comprehensive principles for oil and gas industry. API 5B and API 5CT are mainly used for tubing and casing, which standard the chemical properties, steel grades, manufacturing methods, color coding

API X80-Grade Conductor Casing - JFE Steel Corporation

API X80-Grade Conductor Casing. Worlds first X80-grade(*1)one-inch (25.4 mm)-thick electric resistance welded steel pipe, developed using original forming technology. With the advancement of the gas and oil exploration industry, offshore drilling work is now being done at greater and greater depths. As a result of this, there is a growing High Collapse & Performance Steel Grades for Drilling Q125 XHP is a product with the highest demonstrated collapse resistance, exceeding the minimum internal yield pressure for standard API Q125. USS HCK55 is an ERW hot-finished proprietary U. S. Steel casing grade for High Collapse K55 applications. Inspections are the same as for API K55 with through-wall hardness testing on each yield-tensile test. OCTG Casing and Tubing Pipe Dimensions & Specificaitons API 5CT grades cover J55 / K55, N80 type 1 and N80Q, L80, C90, T95, P110, Q125, and with additional requirements of 13 Cr. Supply Range. Enpro supplies API 5CT casing pipes with the following sizes and specifications:Standard and Grades:API 5CT J55 / K55, N80-1, N80Q, C90, T95, P110, Q125

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Sep 20, 2017 · OCTG PIPE MATERIALS. The most common materials for OCTG pipes are API H40, J55, K55, L80, N80, P110, and Q125 (casing and tubing pipes). These API grades feature increasing mechanical properties (tensile and yield strength). OCTG casing and tubing pipes are available in the following material grades: Sour Service Steel U.S. Steel Tubular ProductsCouplings are seamless USS RYS110 grade. The products performance properties are the same as for grade USS RYS110 (see Casing Tables). USS C110 is a proprietary controlled yield strength U. S. Steel grade generally for use in deeper sour condensate wells. Inspection, testing and dimensions are in accordance with API T95. sulfide stress Specification of Casing, Tubing, Wellhead & Christmas Tree The grade is classified as Group 4. The process of manufacture is both ERW and seamless for casing sizes. Q125 was the first API grade to require impact tests to confirm steel toughness. NACE included what amounts to Q125 Type 1 in its specification for H2S service, but only at temperatures of 225 deg F and hotter. V-150:150,000 180,000

API 5CT Q125 Casing Pipes and Grade Q125 Steel Tubing

The API 5CT Gr. Q125 Oilfield Casing Pipes range from ¼ inches to 24 inches in outer diameter. There are different standards for these pipes such as the ASTM A106 Grade B, ASTM A53 grade B, API 5L and so on. The Grade Q125 Oil Well Drilling Casing Pipes also need to have specific certificates to prove the quality and standards.