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The patented clutch design forces the clutch to bear into the Burke Lift Anchor rather than the concrete. It is equipped with one style face lift anchor in eight heights for panel thickness from 5 to 12 ¼ allowing for a shear safe working load in thinner panels. Concrete Edge Lifting Clutch - All About Lifting & SafetyThe Concrete Edge Lifting Clutch is a device which is used together with cast plate anchors. Concrete Edge Lifting Clutches are used for lifting large precast concrete panels. The ring head of the clutch has a locking bolt, which helps safely lock into plate anchors while the concrete panels are in the lifting

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Safetyline Grade 80 Ring Clutch * WLL 10T * Manual Release * For The Use of Lifting Pre Cast Conc.. £95.58. 30MM Concrete Ring Lifting Pin 1.5 TON. Safetyline Man hole lifting pin. Normally used in sets of 3. * PIN LENGTH 210mm * PIN DIAMETER 30MM .. £32.78. G80 Swivel Eye Bolt 8MM 0.3T @ 0 to 90 Deg & 0.6T @ 0 Deg. Concrete Lifting Ring Clutch - H.E. Canterbury/ Concrete Lifting Ring Clutch SLR G80. Sale! Concrete Lifting Ring Clutch SLR G80. From $ 115.00 From $ 92.00. Marked with Brand, Working Load Limit, Batch Number. Yellow Powder Coated Protection. Super Cast Alloy Locking Ring. Lifting Ring is Concrete Ring Clutch - HES NZ5.0T Ring Lifting Clutch Minimum Fit:22mm Connector, 13mm Sling or Safety Hook. Ring Load Pin Dia :2.5T / 13mm, 5.0T / 17mm. Please Note; The 2.5T Ring Clutch will not fit the 1.3T Reid Eye Anchors. The 5.0T Ring Clutches will fit 7.0T Anchors but "MUST NOT" be used over 5.0T WLL

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Item:concrete ring lifting clutch. The Lifting clutch is composed of a shackle and a lifting head, the free moving shackle gives the clutch great flexibility during the loading while the locking bolt in the lifting head makes it so easy to hook the anchor and secure the lifting. Construction Parts Precast Concrete Ring Lifting ClutchPrecast Concrete Lifting Ring Clutch For construction Concrete lifting unit Lifting rigging and lifting anchor are produced in our own workshop, perfect welding by our specially designed welding device, 100% traceable. Individual product has its own quality certificate. Every piece is proof load tested and marked with serial No. G8 2.5T Ring Clutch RING-CLUTCH-2.5 SafetyLiftinGearLiftinGear Grade 8 Ring Clutch. * WLL 2.5T. * Manual Release. * For The Use of Lifting Pre Cast Concrete Staircases & Columns etc. * Colour may vary from that in picture. * Tested and Certified. * See attached specification sheet for dimensions *. G8 2.5T Ring Clutch (Net Weight Per Item:1.20kg):

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Lifting Clutches & Threaded Lifting Loops. Our Site Lifting range is designed to provide a comprehensive selection of safe lifting products to the construction industry, which includes accessories and components for specific lifting operations. Amongst this range, is our collection of precast lifting devices, which are specially designed for use with a variety of concrete units, ranging from staircases P91S - Fleet-Lift Ring Clutch - Dayton SuperiorFeb 20, 2017 · The P91S Fleet-Lift Ring Clutch consists of a clutch body, a curved bolt and a high strength bail. APPLICATION P91S Ring Clutch is used with Fleet Lift Anchor for lifting and handling of precast concrete panels. FEATURES n Installation and release of P91S is safe and simple. n After the clutch is inserted over the anchor head and Pin Anchor Ring Clutch - B & W LiftingPin Anchor Ring Clutch The Pin Anchor system is supplied in a wide range of lifting capacitites ranging from 1.3 tonne to 45.0 tonne. The method is the same throughout the size range. There are three basic components to the range.

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Shenli Rigging offers precast concrete lifting accessories such as lifting clutch and lifting ring for customers. Quiklift Ring Clutches - ALP Supply Precast Concrete Standard Quiklift Ring Clutches. The Quiklift Ring Clutch assembly consists of a bail, clutch and curved bolt handle. To install, rotate the curved bolt to the opened position and insert the clutch into the recess. To lock onto the anchor, rotate the curved bolt handle until the handle contacts the panel surface. Cable Quiklift Ring Clutches. Ring Clutch - AOP PrecastThe ring clutch casting head need to special head treatment to improve mechanical behavior. The forged bolt need the same materials with head. The lifting clutch hook was made by enough thickness and high strength steel. The ring clutch hook welded need high quality and deeply to approval with X-ray machinery. More Information.

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Ring Lifting Clutch. Ring clutch is an assembly consisting of main clutch body,a curved bolt/handle and tail.It allows 360°rotation of tail around the main body.It is quick and easy to install, simply rotate curved bolt to open position, drop main body into anchor recess and rotate bolt to closed position. Inquiry Now Add to Cart.