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With Velodyne Acoustics distortion-limiting Digital Drive Control system, subwoofers develop tighter, more accurate bass response. DDCS is an active, DSP-based system that ensures linear cone movement and delivers distortion-free reproduction. An anti-clipping circuit to prevent overloading provides added safety in operation. Manuals and documents - Velodyne AcousticsVelodyne Acoustics stands for perfection in low-frequency reproduction. And not just since the era of home theater. Our subwoofers are the fusion of technical excellence and

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Feb 17, 2016 · The hi-pass option made me VERY happy I chose the more flexible Velodyne product. So, I went with the hi-pass option at 80Hz crossover point. The 33 Hz spike was many dBs down at 6 dB / octave, so it was a manageable spike that the DD10+ REMOVED with a Velodyne DD+ 10 Subwoofer Reviewed - HomeTheaterReviewJun 14, 2011 · Velodyne has made their DD+ series of subwoofers to compete with JL Audio's Fathom subwoofer line. Given what Steven Stone found while listening to the Velodyne Velodyne DD-18 Set-up AudioholicsJan 25, 2007 · The calibrated mic\real-time response plot display is a combination superbly suited to getting the DD-18 properly set up. In addition to the benefits already mentioned, the real-time display can make quick work of locating suitable positions for the sub:simply place the sub at your main listening position, set the DD-18 to generating its test tone sweeps (Sine wave, 15 Hz to 200 Hz, with

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Jun 01, 2007 · The Velodyne also packs in 1250 watts of Class D digital amplification, helping it deliver a claimed low-frequency response down to 14Hz. Yet, while the excesses of its engineering can't help but raise a grin (and our anticipation), there's more to this beast than blunt force. Unusually, the DD-18 includes both video outputs and onboard low Velodyne DD12 or DD15 Audiogon Discussion ForumSep 28, 2010 · Velodyne DD12 or DD15. hello there, am thinking of getting a velodyne DD 12 or 15 series sub. both have great reviews. hopefully you folks out there can shed some light or experience with them. My room size is 22' length by 14' with 9' ceiling height. I Velodyne Digital Drive DD-18 powered subwoofer Jun 19, 2004 · It's common to read ads for new audio hardware that crow about "revolutionary" breakthroughs in sound performance, and that's how Velodyne crowed about their new Digital Drive DD-18, servo-controlled, powered 18" subwoofer. The ads suggested that the DD-18 can be digitally equalized to one's room with a resultant in-room frequency response of 20-200Hz, ±3dB.

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Velodyne DD10 DD12 DD15 DD18 Subwoofer amplifier Repair Service This service will cover Velodyne Digital Drive Series DD-10 DD-12 DD-15 DD-18 subwoofer plate amplifier repair with following problems:- no sound - distortion - cracking sound - no power You may ship your plate amplifier (preferable) or whole subwoofer. velodyne dd15 for sale Velodyne Digital Drive Series 12 pwrd sub Model DD12BG (some scratches @ top)Used Velodyne DD-12. Is it a good buy? Audioholics Home May 30, 2010 · I've come across a Velodyne DD-12. In its day this was a monster of a sub, but the design is 6-7 years old now. Owner claims it's only a year old, but it's probably older than that. Owner is asking a lot IMO ($1900) but is willing to negotiate quite a bit.