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(PDF) Anticorrosion nitrided layers on unalloyed and

Nitrided layers in the controlled gas nitriding process on C10 and 42CrMo4 steels were formed. Two types of nitrided layers are presented:with nitride iron layers above and below 15 µm. Nitrided (PDF) Corrosion Resistance of Plasma Nitrided and 25. Corrosion Resistance of Plasma Nitrided and Nitrocarburized 42CrMo4 Steel. David Kusmic, Doan Van Thanh. Department of Mechanical Engineerin g, Faculty o f Military Technology, University of

1. Introduction

Nitriding process is a chemical-heat treatment consists in introducing nitrogen into metallic materials to improve their surface hardness, fatigue life, wear and corrosion resistance [1] [2] [3] .In engineering the depth of nitriding is generally about 0.3 - 0.4 mm; this thin harder surface layer may cause surface layer spall from matrix because of high-applied load or great stress gradient in EFFECT OF HEAT TREATMENT ON THE FATIGUE Influence of ion nitriding on fatigue strength of low-alloy (42CrMo4) steel:Experimental characterization and predictive approach, International Journal of Fatigue 32, 2010. [12]. Kenan Genel, Mehmet Demirkol and Mehmet C, Effect of ion nitriding on fatigue behaviour of AISI 4140 steel, Materials Science and Engineering, 26 August Eect of Charpy Impact Test on Microstructure Properties icals corrosion tests of an AISI-SAE 4140 steel nitrided by post-discharge microwave of oxidation on corrosion behavior of plasma nitrided AISI 4140 steel, Surface & Coatings Technology, 2064389. 1468 Chaouch, D., Sadok, A., Bendaoudi, S-E. and Chaouch, A. [9] Terres, M. A., Sidhom, H.:Fatigue life evaluation of 42CrMo4 nitrided steel

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May 24, 2019 · improves the corrosion resistance of nitrided steel [7-10]. This paper is focused on evaluation of wear and corrosion resistance of plasma nitrided and nitrocarburized 42CrMo4 (AISI 4137/4140) steel and compared to tempered one. Plasma nitriding process was applied under different nitriding gas ratio (H 2:N 2) for 15 h. Materials Free Full-Text Fatigue Limit of Custom 465 In order to study the effect of nitriding or shot peening on the surface modification and fatigue properties of martensitic stainless-steel Custom 465, the residual stress and micro-hardness of the strengthened layer are determined by X-ray and micro-hardness tester, respectively. The up-and-down method is used to measure the rotational bending fatigue strength at 1 × 107 cycles, and the Mechanical properties and corrosion behavior of nitrided Topography, properties and corrosion resistance of glow-discharge nitrided layer produced on OT4-0 titanium alloy. Ochrona przed Korozj, 7 :301303. [10] Jagielska-Wiaderek K. 2016. The structure, properties and change in the cross-sectional corrosion resistance of a nitrided layer produced on AISI 321 steel.


GNC-OX-NITRIDING PROCESS Nitriding or nitrocarburization following the GNC-Ox process is a combination of different thermo-chemical process steps, like gas nitrocarburization, plasma activation and oxidizing. This creates wear resistant and corrosion resistant surface layers. After treatment, the surfaces show a dark grey to black colour. PAPVD Deposition Scientific.NetAbstract:A Duplex treatment consisting in gas nitriding followed by PAPAVD deposition of TiAlN has been proposed as a solution for improving the corrosion behaviour of EN 42CrMo4 steel. The corrosion resistance in 3.5% NaCl solution was evaluated by linear polarization. It was found that the Duplex treated samples exhibited better corrosion Plasma nitriding of plastic mold steel to increase wear Abstract In this study, the wear- and corrosion resistance of the layers formed on the surface of a precipitation hardenable plastic mold steel (NAK55) by plasma nitriding were investigated. Plasma nitriding experiments were carried out at an industrial nitriding facility in an atmosphere of 25% N 2 + 75% H 2 at 475 °C, 500 °C, and 525 °C for 10 h.

Study of the Effect of Gas Nitriding Time on

In the present work, the wear behaviour of 42CrMo4 steel has been studied according to the nitriding time used during gas nitriding. The most important conclusions obtained are:1) Nitriding results in a considerable increase of hardness and the formation of compressive residual stress. (Fe 2+3 N) and ' (Fe 4 N) nitrides are indispensable to produce the highest hardness. The Effects of Contaminants on the Gas Nitriding of nitriding behavior of the Nitralloy-135 steel. Microhardness and nitrogen flux after nitriding are used as the parameter to evaluate the heat treatment performance. To determine the effect of contamination on gas nitriding, the weight gained by the parts and the surface hardness were Wear and corrosion behavior of CrCN/CrN coatings Mar 23, 2017 · In the paper, the results of wear and corrosion tests of the CrCN/CrN multilayer coatings, formed by cathodic arc evaporation on 42CrMo4 (AISI 4140) steel substrates are presented. The substrates were subjected to thermo-chemical treatmentnitriding with various nitriding potential. The results of nitriding were determined by XRD and the hardness profile in the samples cross-section.


Experiments in microabrasion testing of pulse plasma nitrided 42CrMo4 (AISI 4140) construction steel samples were performed at laboratory of Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Belgrade. The behaviour of nitrided steel in real conditions was tested by accomplishing the experiments with dry and lubricated sliding of the abrasion sphere.