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The Risk Based Inspection (RBI) methodology is widely used internationally, especially in the Oil & Gas Industry and is well accepted in France. Several RBI projects have been reported in the literature demonstrating the strengths of the approach in controlling risks and optimising inspection schedules. API RP 581 is a well-established methodology A New Era of ManagementIn late 2015, BSEE initiated a Risk Based Inspection pilot which used a systematic approach relying on both a quantitative model and qualitative performance and risk-related data. As part of the pilot, a number of inspections were conducted but BSEE was not able to close out the pilot and advance to a fully executed program. In its March 2017


stage of a Risk Based Inspection The RBI Phase 1:Plant Risk Assessment and Life Estimationspreadsheet:1.Captured critical parameters for individual plant items. recognized models of damage accumulation to predict Likelihood of Failure 3.Identified hazard levelsand impact of failure to Consequencesof Failure 4. BOARD ITEMS FROM THE RD INCLUDING THE be evaluated by considering all credible damage mechanisms. Refer to the appropriate code for other RBI assessment requirements. This RP is intended to serve as a guide for users in properly performing such an RBI assessment. The information in this RP does not constitute and should not be construed as a code of rules, regulations, or Corrosion Risk Analysis, Risk based Inspection and a Case Jan 01, 2014 · Corrosion risk analysis results should be used to formulate risk based inspection (RBI) procedures that should be a part of the plant operation. RBI concentrates inspection resources more on âHigh Riskâ and âMedium Riskâ assets and less on âLow Riskâ equipment.

Experiences in Implementing Risk-Based Inspection

world in which RBI was entirely accepted as an alternative basis for determining inspection intervals. Qualitative (Subjective) RBI/RBM Semi-quantitative RBI/RBM Quantitative (Probabilistic) RBI/RBM Increasing speed of RBI/RBM application Increasing accuracy of RBI/RBM assessment Figure 6:Relative ranking of the accuracy and speed of RBI methods. MANAGING RISK AND INTEGRITY OF AGING GAS Qualitative risk assessment was employed using a method developed by Kent W Muhlbauer, this qualitative risk assessment was applied to onshore pipeline (from pig launcher pig receiver) and its result as depicted on figure 3. Risk based inspection (RBI) method was applied to piping station at gas compressor station OSSuite Risk-Based Inspection - AladonQualitative and Quantitative OSSuite offers both a qualitative and quantitative RBI option. The qualitative option is based on the Tischuk model, offering a relative risk ranking. The robust quantitative option leverages the best parts of API RP 581, while avoiding the rigor that can make RBI a time-consuming endeavor.

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Some of the potential applications and benefits for using risk based inspection (RBI) analysis techniques and ReliaSoft's RBI software tool as part of your organization's asset management program include the ability to:Rank assets using a customizable qualitative risk discovery rating system, and then use a RISK AND SAFETY MANAGEMENT IN INDUSTRY environmental damage. 1.2. Risk Management, Risk Assessment And Risk Reduction The analysis of the risks, or risk assessment as a structured process is not self sufficient by itself, but is always part of explicit or implicit risk management process. The process of risk management, in RISK BASED INSPECTION IMPLEMENTATION FOR A assessment. Update the inspection plan from the updated assessment. Of the software itself, the following key features give the Tischuk T-REx P RBI software strong advantage in tackling the kind of situation described: Uses qualitative assessment - minimal requirement for detailed technical data.


Talking about the risk assessment as part of an RBI study, basically two approaches are possible:x Qualitative x Quantitative. Qualitative approach is effective mainly for preliminary screening and to justify a hierarchy within the equipment criticality (=prioritisation). Qualitative method is Risk Based Inspection (RBI) - How To Do PDF Pipeline Types of damage expected Inspection Frequency Appropriat e Inspection Technique Hotspot locations 19 RBI Schemes In 2002 HSE funded a study to compare several RBI schemes Quantitative vs Qualitative Black box approach Varying levels of detail HSE study identified the need for:A TRANSPARENT process A balance between quantitative and qualitative Risk-Based Inspection (RBI) by aminul islamJan 06, 2017 · RBI objective is to ensure focus of inspection to areas with high risk, while inspection in areas with low risk will be reduced or excluded from the normal inspection program and therefore result in significant inspection and maintenance cost reduction. Md Aminul Islam, CMRP, [email protected] 35. 36. Md Aminul Islam, CMRP, [email protected] 36.

API RP 581 Risk-Based Inspection Methodology

The First Edition of the BRD was published by API in 2000 as a qualitative and semi-quantitative RBI technology released by the sponsor group API RP 581 Second Edition was released in 2008 as a recommended API RP 581 Part 2 Damage Factors (DF) max , (2.2)