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Scaffold coupler is divided into right Angle coupler (cross coupler directional coupler) rotating coupler (movable coupler universal coupler) butt coupler (coupler direct coupler), these are common types of coupler, construction steel pipe connection coupler of which the use of right Angle coupler proportion is the most, about one square coupler per meter of steel pipe. RIGHT ANGLE COUPLER(Double coupler) Scaffolding Non Swivel load bearing coupler which connects two Scaffold tubes of 48mm diameter in Right Angles. Also popularly known as Right Angle Coupler and 90 degree Coupler.


Oct 10, 2019 · Not to be used for connecting putlog tubes to ledger tubes in tube-and-coupler scaffolding. Only use Right Angle Couplers for this purpose. WLL = 0.62 kN (63.2224 KGF) against the slip of tube through faps of coupler at tightening torque of 54 Nm. CLICK HERE FOR TYPES OF SCAFFOLDING BEAM CLAMP LOAD CAPACITY SCAFFOLDING PIPE COUPLER - Swivel Coupler Manufacturer Surface Type:Hot Dipped Galvanized:Coupler Type:Swivel (Rotating) Weight:700Grams, 750Gram, 800Gram. Thickness:3mm,3.5mm,4mm:Rotation:360 ROTATION:Tube Size:40mm and 50mm:Applicable Tubing Od:48.03MM,60MM:Nut Size:1/2" I Deal In:New Only:Condition:New:Country of Origin:Made in India Scaffold Fitting - Fixed Coupler Exporter from JalandharProduct Type:Scaffolding Couplers:Finish Type:Powder Painted:Material:Stainless Steel:Dimension:48.3 X 48.3mm:Surface Type:Electroplated/ Hot Dip Galvanized:Color:Silver:Packaging Type

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Right Angle Coupler (Double Coupler, Fixed Coupler). Most used in scaffolding. Swivel Coupler, which is the most flexible of the three common scaffolding couplers. Sleeve Coupler used for the butt joint connection of two scaffolding steel pipes, mainly vertical pipes, horizontal pipes, and diagonal braces. Scaffolding Couplers - Forged Half Coupler Latest Price Different types of scaffolding couplers; Fixed clamp en74 types forged scaffolding coupler; Used scaffolding couplers; Types of scaffolding clamps; Scaffolding beam clamp swivel girder coupler; Scafom-rux eyebolt couplers; Girder coupler p52 scafom-rux; Types of scaffolding clamps; Scaffolding coupler in hindi, right angle and swivel coupler Scaffolding Parts - Tube Scaffolding & Fittings We provide the following types of scaffolding & fittings :Double Coupler:For connecting 40 mm N.B tubes at a right angle. Swivel Coupler:Used to connect 40 mm N.B. pipes at any angle. Expanding Joint Pin:Suitable to connect 40 mm NB Pipes as Ledgers. Fixed Base Plate:Suitable for 40 mm nominal bore steel tubes. Adjustable Stirrup Head:Designed for fine adjustment of height between 80 mm

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Scaffold fittings are what connects the tubes together and there are many different types that have a variety of uses. Right angle couplers are usually used to connect the standards, ledgers, and transoms together and you can either use a single or double coupler to achieve this. Swivel and double couplers are to be used for bracing. Seven Fundamental Parts of a Scaffold Avontus® SoftwareCouplers are mainly used to help connect structural elements of a scaffolding. But detailed utilization comes in several variants Putlog Couplers, Swivel Couplers, and Right Angle Couplers. Putlog Couplers are used to connect a ledger to a transom when the connection is Tube & Clamp Scaffold Product Selection GuideMS2R Military Right Angle Clamp 6 lbs. 1.90" WRC Sidewalk Canopy Right Angle Clamp 5.6 lbs. 3.50" Tube & Clamp Component Parts BP1SG Provides secure footing for vertical tubes. Has twist and lock fitting to secure plate to vertical tubing. ST__SG CRA19 Used to join 1.69" OD or 1.90" OD tubes at right angles. Eye bolts swing up against vertical

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The scaffolding couplers is the connecting parts between the steel pipes. There are four common couplers types. Right angle couplers, Swivel couplers, Sleeve Couplers, Putlog Couplers. What's the load capacity of scaffolding coupler Oct 18, 2019 · 1.Double coupler load capacity:Connect two tubes with an outer diameter of 48.3 mm at a right angle. The fastening nut is suitable for standard scaffolding wrenches (23 mm A/F). Replaceable "T" bolts, nuts and washers. Rugged design from drop types of scaffolding coupler, types of scaffolding coupler Scaffolding Coupler Scaffolding Coupler BS1139 Forged Scaffolding Clamp British Standard EN74 90 Degree Scaffolding Swivel Coupler Galvanized Scaffolding Coupler $1.00-$1.20 / Square Meter 1.0 Square Meters (Min. Order)

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The Pressed Fix Coupler produced by us can be used for linking two scaffold tubes together at right angles. Stiff and rough couplers are quite effective for bearing highest load. If customers order galvanized or paint finish we also provide this to our customers. If you are using highest load applications then these couplers are very useful. Features: