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Aug 07, 2003 · 0. 853 has a higher strength to weight ratio, has better fatigue strength and stiffness (about 30% greater than 4130). 853 is still Reynold's best steel. The joints actually gain strength as they cool. 853 cannot be brazed, only welded. Reynolds makes a 4130 called Reynolds 525. It's a general all-purpose tube - less expensive than 853. 4130, 520, 853? Mountain Bike Reviews ForumDec 29, 2007 · 4130 is primarily straight gauge tubing, IE:military spec 4130 chromoly 9 out of ten times made by Plymouth mills. 520/535/623/725 etc. These are Heat-Treated tube set's from Renoylds The tube thickness and dia will vary between series, there will

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In the world of cycling, Reynolds 520 refers to a custom butted tubing that relies on 4130 Cr-Mo steel as a base material. Or in simpler terms 4130 is the steel used for the product; Reynolds 520 is the brand name of the product. Note:A frame marketed solely as 4130 Cr-Mo may have plain/straight gauge tubing whereas Reynolds 520 tubes are Best steel road bikes:They say 'steel is real', and here Jul 29, 2020 · The vast majority of steel bikes are made with Reynolds or Columbus tubing. This tubing is made from a variety of different grades of steel, but they can be Cycle Tubing & Tube Sets - Reynolds TechnologyFor cycling, these are mandrel butted for accurate profiles, and available in a wide range of shapes. Weight savings from butting provide competitively priced, light framesets. The Reynolds 520 range uses the same alloy, made under license for us in Taiwan and subject to the same quality standards. Reynolds 525 range can be used for

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T in K, t in hours. Assuming that the temper state HP for heat-treated 4130 is ~16.9, this state of temper is equivalent to ~1 minute at 650C, ~22 seconds at 675C, ~8 seconds at 700C, ~3 seconds at 725C, and ~1 second at 750C. Adding 10 minutes of time at silver temperature increases HP to ~17.8 (~615C at 1 REYNOLDS TECHNOLOGY LTDReynolds 631:is the cold-drawn version of the 853, with similar air-hardening advantages in the weld zone. Reynolds 725:Chrome-moly steel, based on the industry standard 4130 steel alloy. This tube range is heat-treated. Reynolds 525:Also based on the 4130 steel. Our Reynolds 520 series is normally a welded, cold-drawn version. Reynolds 520 - Cycling UK ForumApr 01, 2013 · Re:Reynolds 520 Post by Brucey » 1 Apr 2013, 10:35pm mm yes, 7lbs is a lb more than a reasonably lightweight steel frame and fork, but if it means you can take a load etc, it is a lb well spent.

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Feb 27, 2017 · Ribble Reynolds 525 ride impression. Ultimately, despite the modest steel, the Ribble 525 elicits a highly accomplished ride. The comfort-giving flex inherent in skinny steel TSUNAMI Venus Road bike Reynolds 520 Frame Fork with TSUNAMI Venus Road bike Reynolds 520 Frame Fork with 4130 Chrome Steel 700C Classic Frameset Bicycle Parts - buy at a price from 188 USD. Choose from 5 great deals from online stores. Compare prices, specifications, photos and reviews from buyers.Reynolds 520 vs. 4130 chro-moly Mountain Bike Reviews Dec 16, 2009 · The difference is that 520 is Asian produced tubing made to Reynolds specifications. 4130 CroMo is too generic of a termit only specifies a type of steel, not the actually tube diameter, thickness, and butting. 4130 can be drawn to feel exactly the same as Reynolds 520