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U.S. standard alloy steel socket head cap screws are made to strength levels of 180,000 and 170,000 psi to current industry standards. However, UNBRAKO socket cap screws are consis- tently maintained at 190,000 and 180,000 psi (depending on screw diameter). The higher tensile strength of UNBRAKO socket screws can be translated into savings. ANCHORS - TIMCOPlug L (mm) Screw Ø x L (mm) MFT (mm) Pack Qty Outer Bag Qty (Pack) TIMPAC TBAZSP 31.5 4.5 x 30 6 5 5 TYPE - PAK SUB TYPE - PAK15 MFT = Max Fixture Thickness. TIGHTEN FIXTURE UNTIL SECURE DRIVE PLUG INTO PLASTERBOARD TECHNICAL DATA 15 Substrate Plasterboard 12.5mm Thickness Type Metal Plastic Rec. Tensile Load (kN) 0.14 0.05 Max Rec. Load (kg

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Hexagon wrench keys also called Allen keys are designed for tightening socket screws by hand. The main dimension is the across flats of the hexagon that corresponds to the internal hexagon drive on the socket screw. The range goes from metric 0.71mm to 32mm across flats and in inch keys from 0.028 to 1.7/8. The arm of the key is available Hex Bolts Strength Classification=10.9 (Sunco) Sunco Hex Bolts Strength Classification=10.9 (Sunco) of Sunco, Check out the variety of configurable, Hex Bolts Strength Classification=10.9 (Sunco) of Sunco,MISUMI has other mechanical components, Press Die, and Plastic Mold products available. MISUMI offers free CAD download, short lead times, competitive pricing, and no minimum order quantity. Lag Bolt Sizes & Specifications AFT FastenersHardness. Steel:Rockwell B70-B100. Stainless Steel:100,000 - 125,000 psi. Minimum Length of Thread. The minimum length of thread shall be equal to 1/2 the nominal screw length plus .50 inches, or 5.00 inches, whichever is shorter. Screws too short for this formula shall be threaded as close to

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Technical Drawings Method of Indicating Surface Texture on Drawing; Indications of Geometrical Tolerance on Drawings; Socket Head Cap Screws; Table of Diameter of Screw Low Hole (Low Anchor) Correct Tightening Axial Force and Correct Tightening Torque for Bolts; Strength of Bolts, Screw Plugs, and Dowel Pins Product Specification Manual - ScrewsJan 05, 2005 · The data provided are ultimate average values. Design loads should be calculated by a qualified design professional. DEFINITIONS ASTM - ASTM International ICC - International Code Council ISO - International Standards Organization Shear Strength - Measure of the force that when applied at a right angle, will break a fastener. Screw Technical Data Sheets AMSI SupplySSF-101-AP Stainless Data Sheet. Technical Data Sheet for the AMSI Stainless Steel SSF-101-AP Series T-17 Point Panhead sheet metal screw. 400 KB.

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Solid stainless steel fasteners are available in several alloy types. The properties of the alloys used to manufacture our fasteners are shown in the "Chemical & Physical Properties Chart" . Generally, AISI types 302, 304 and 305 stainless will provide excellent corrosion protection in most situations. However in direct saltwater or other high TECHNICAL DATA COMPARISON OF DIE STEEL BY the endurance limit for small screws, bolts, and meter screws for nuts"(Yamamoto) . Root diameter d1 Allowable load P is required for screw plug MSW30 to recieve an impact load.(The MSW30:S45C, the tensile strength b of 34~43HRC is 65kgf / mm2). When the root diameter section of the MSW is ruptured due to shearing strain, TECHNICAL INFORMATION FOR METAL EXPANSION PRODUCT RANGE INSTALLATION DATA L Plug Length d0 Drill Hole h0 Min. Drill Hole Depth ds Screw Dia. *all figures stated are approximate and for reference only. Sometimes beneficial to reduce drill size in materials with a low compressive strength. h0 INSTALLATION GUIDELINES HAMMER INTO PLACE INSERT SCREW THROUGH FIXTURE TIGHTEN SCREW UNTIL SECURE

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Northeast Fasteners 254 Taylor St. Granby, MA 01033 Monday - Friday 7:30am - 4:00pm EST Customer Service:1-800-872-5557 Fax:413-467-2026 Visit our website for the most up-to-date product Visit our website for the most up-to-date product and technical information! TRIANGLE FASTENER CORPORATION 800.486.1832 trianglefastener MD 243 Pictorial ANSI/ASME Manufacturer's Representation Designation Designation AB AB B B BP BP BF BF BT 25 C C D 1 F F G G T 23 U U Type Designations for Tapping Screws and Metallic Drive Screws [Technical Data] Proper Bolt Axial Tightening Force and As :Effective Sectional Area of the Bolt [mm2] 2As=d /4 d Reference Strength::Effective Dia. of the Bolt (Core Dia.) [mm] k :Torque Coefficient d :Nominal Diameter of Bolt[cm] Q :Tightening Coefficient y:Tensile strength(When the strength class is 12.9, it is 112kgf/mm2) As :

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iStrength of Screw Plug When screw plug MSW30 is to bear an impact load, allowable load P should be determined. (The materials of MSW30 are 1.1191/ C45E, 34 to 43 HRC, tensile strength t 65kgf/mm2.) If M S W is shorn at a spot within the root diameter section and is broken, allowable load P can be calculated as shown below. Allowable Load P= t×ATECHNICAL DATA STRENGTH OF BOLTS, SCREW PLUGS, [TECHNICAL DATA ]STRENGTH OF BOLTS, SCREW PLUGS, AND DOWEL PINS [TECHNICAL DATA ]CALCULATION OF CUBIC VOLUME AND MATERIAL PHYSICAL PROPERTIES Bolt fatigue strengthFor threads:fatigue strength count of 2 million Nominal thread size Effective cross-section As mm Strength class 12.9 10.9 Fatigue strength Maximum