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12" Pipe Tongs, Pipe Tong, Pipe Lifting Clamp

The 12" pipe tongs is in great condition, easy to use and built to last. This set of pipe tongs is designed to automatically release the pipe when the line is slack and has grip pads to ensure a good hold on any 12" nominal pipe. There are signs of use yet it is still in perfect working order. It will be shipped from a contractor out of Missouri. AR12A pipe tong lifters - Material Handling 24/7Pipe tong lifters engage load automatically for single-operator handling Equipped with an integrated auto-latch function, AR12A pipe tong lifters by Tandemloc automatically engage or disengage a load of pipe or other cylinder-shaped items without manual assistance.

Api Drill Pipe Manual Tongs / Drill Pipe Handling

Type SDD pipe manual tong is an essential tool in oil drilling operation to make-up and break-out drill pipe, casing joint and coupling. SDD manual tongs can be adjusted by changing latch lug jaws and handling shoulders.All the tongs we offer are API 7K & ISO certificated. Clamps, Grabs & Tongs for Billet, Ingot & Pipe Handling Round Steel Clamp Lifting Tong this kind of lifting tong clamp is suitable for horizontal lifting of steel pipe, round pipe, cement pipe and other objects. The hook radian of clamp fits tightly with the round pipe, which can effectively guarantee the smooth lifting of round steel. Crescent 12 in. Aluminum Pipe Tong - HE - FergusonAutomatically attach and release pipe with complete safety Design allows tong to place pipe in trenches with minimum working width Proven labor saving tool Each tong is stamped with a safety load factor (which should never be exceeded) and for enhanced safety has been built to withstand 3

Hydraulic Power Tongs Drill Pipe Handling Equipment XQ114

Oil Well Handling Tools Tubing Power Tong. Model XQ114/6YB (4 1/2") hydraulic power tong is an open type power tong for the making up and breaking out of tubing in well services. This product has the following features:1. The tong is made up of master tong and backup tong, the master tong has a high and low gear train, the tong is compact, light and efficient. K-50 HT Kelco Manual Tong Pipe Handling Paramount OilDrilling Technologies > Pipe Handling > Tongs > K-50 HT Kelco Type Manual Tong The K-50 HT Kelco Type Manual Tong is designed for heavy duty service of tubing and casing from 2 3/8" to 5". The K-50 HT has a wrap around design with approximately 300 degrees of die contact, which helps to prevent cutting or crushing of thin wall tubing and casing. Oilfield Tongs - Power Drilling Equipment For Sale Rent Pipe Handling Equipment. Sub-Category . Tongs - Power. Search Options. Your Search Includes:Type . Drilling Equipment. Category . Pipe Handling Equipment Tongs - Power - FARR TONG MODEL KT20,000 STAFFA 080 MOTOR, LIFT VALVE ASSEMBLY TORQUE CAPACITY:50,000 FT/LB SIZE RANGE:7-20 MOST SIZES OF FARR POWER TONGS ARE IN HOUSTON, IN STOCK READ

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Pipe Handling Tools We select the best products and services for you. Our products have beautiful prices, industry-leading quality and performance. We provide complete pre-sales, in-sales, and after-sales support, and can provide customized products according to your requirements to meet your needs to the greatest extent. Drill Pipe Power Pipe Lifting Clamps Lifting Tongs Tri-State Overhead CraneHBTA - Bar Tong Adjustable. Features:Ideal for lifting various diameters of round bars, cast or steel pipe. Balanced load during the lift. All 1-ton standard tongs include hold open latches. Replaceable urethane pads for additional load protection optional. To handle longer loads, use in pairs attached to a lifting/spreader beam. Pipe Tongs Pipe Lifting Clamps Lifting TongsThe AR12 Series Diametral Pipe Lifting Tongs are for handling cylindrical objects such as pipe, round bar and any other cylindrical item falling within the WLL and diameter size that each tong is designed for. Our AR12 Series Tongs include the Tandemloc Autolatch for easy object engagement.

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Diameter Tongs are specifically designed to lift round or cylindrical loads (pipe, tube, bars, etc.) A leg contoured to suit the load diameter engages below the center-point of the load where not only is the load cradled by the legs, but also securely clamped on the outside diameter. Each Diameter Tong is designed for a specific size range; it is very important that Bradley Lifting engineers understand the maximum and minimum diameters to be handled. Tripping pipe Rig Operations & Downhole Procedures Aug 24, 2021 · When the bit appears, the master bushing is replaced and a bit breaker is placed in the rotary table. Using the breakout tongs, the bit is loosened and removed from the bit sub. Tripping in, is just the reverse procedure of tripping out. Some rigs have a pipe handling system to speed up pipe movement during tripping operations (Figure 5) Used Pipe Tongs for sale. Drill pipe equipment & more Bar Tong Fixed HHBTF-1/2-5. This adjustable diameter tong is ideal for lifting round bars, cast or steel pipe of various diameters. Made in the USA. This style of adjustable diameter tong can be used in pairs attached to a lifting/spreader

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Drilling Technologies > Pipe Handling > Tongs > K-25 Kelco Type Manual Tong The K-25 Kelco Type Manual Tong is designed for heavy duty service of tubing and casing from 1.050" to 3.062". The K-25 has a wrap around design with approximately 300 degrees of die contact, which helps to prevent cutting or crushing of thin wall tubing and casing.