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A Numerical Approach to Study Ablation of Large Bolides

Mar 27, 2021 · To test the numerical model, we successfully applied it to several meteor events described in the scientific literature. Having validated the numerical model, we studied the deceleration behavior of the Chelyabinsk superbolide in the lower part of its atmospheric trajectory, just at the region following the main fragmentation event where such A numerical model to describe damage in glass under This work presents an anisotropic damage model and its non-local extension to deal with fragmentation induced by impact loadings. Discrete cracks are described via non-local damage parameters. The damage model is based on quasi-static properties of flaw distributions and enables us to reproduce dynamic cracking patterns obtained in edge-on-impact tests.

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"A discrete interaction numerical model for coagulation and fragmentation of marine detritic particulate matter" TOPICAL EDITOR Dear Mr. Arabas Thank you for the editorial review of our submission. Please nd below a point-by-point response to the reviews including a list of Evaluation of Hybrid Stress Blasting Model (HSBM)offers the possibility of accurately simulating blast designs using numerical modelling. Blast 1.1 Empirical Fragmentation Models To date the majority of fragmentation prediction software are based on empirical models. The to reproduce the attenuation observed in real rock. Using a central difference approximation Fractal and numerical models of explosive rock fragmentation.Fractal and numerical models of explosive rock fragmentation. Export . CSV; Predicted stresses from conventional bench blasting model without any radial crack differ little from those around a pressurized hole in an infinite medium. The effect of natural discontinuities on fragmentation is determined by comparing the Schuhmann size

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Abstract. A simplified model, representing the dynamics of marine organic particles in a given size range experiencing coagulation and fragmentation reactions, is developed. The framework is based on a discrete size spectrum on which reactions act to exchange properties between different particle sizes. Habitat fragmentation promotes malaria persistenceBiologically, this means that habitat fragmentation or patchiness promotes disease outbreaks and intensifies disease persistence. The risk of infection is minimized when the distribution of mosquitoes is proportional to that of humans. Numerical examples for the two-patch submodel are given to investigate how the multipatch reproduction number Numerical modelling of the rock fracture process under reproduce the progressive process of rock fragmentation under mechanical loading:the build-up of the stress field, the formation of the crushed zone, surface chipping, and the formation of the crater and subsurface cracks. Therefore, the R-T2D code is indeed a valuable numerical tool for research on rock

Numerical simulation of rock fragmentation process by

Dec 31, 2013 · A numerical model of rock fragmentation caused by a roadheader pick was established based on the particle flow code in two dimensions to study the rock fragmentation mechanism of the roadheader pick. The model simulated crack initiation, propagation and chip formation. The feasibility and reliability of the method as well as numerical model were verified by experiment. Numerical simulation of the rock fragmentation process Nov 04, 2010 · Micro-heterogeneities of the rock are taken into account in this numerical model. For the static case, the simulated results reproduce the progressive process of brittle rock fragmentation during indentation. For the dynamic case, numerical simulations represent radial cracks, incipient chips, pulverized zones, and shell cracks. Numerical simulation of the rock fragmentation process View 0 peer reviews of Numerical simulation of the rock fragmentation process induced by two drill bits subjected to static and dynamic (impact) loading on Publons Download Web of Science My Research Assistant :Bring the power of the Web of Science to your mobile device, wherever inspiration strikes.

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Simulation of rock fragmentation by TBM disc cutter using the hybrid finite-discrete element method Earl Magsipoc and Giovanni Grasselli Department of Civil Engineering, University of Toronto Summary The tunnel boring machine (TBM) disc cutter chipping process was studied using a numerical model The Numerical Simulation of High Explosives using fragmentation effects, and the CONWEP[ 3] program which includes options for air blast indeed numerical modelling is a major vehicle in developing our understanding of these complex phenomena. However, if such a tool is to be used, it must first be validated to show that it can reproduce Thesis Defense:Amartya Bhattacharjee, "Fragmentation Fragmentation, Granular Transition & Impact Performance of Ceramics. Brittle materials under impact loading exhibit a transition from a cracked solid to a granular medium. Appropriate representation of this transition to granular mechanics and the resulting initial fragment size and shape distribution in computational models is not well understood. The current work provides a numerical model to

Numerical modeling of rock fracture and fragmentation

Jun 26, 2015 · The fracture and fragmentation of rock materials are basic and important problem in geomechanics and blasting engineering. An approach, which can simulate the process of fracture and fragmentation of rock materials, is introduced in this work. A beamparticle model is first introduced in the frame of the discrete element method.