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:5" Universal Exhaust (STRAIGHT PIPE) :

5.0 out of 5 stars Holy grail muffler for peterbilt with dual straight pipes. Reviewed in the United States on May 4, 2021. Color:MUFFLER Verified Purchase. Finally hit the jackpot for the perfect in-line muffler for peterbilt 379 with dual 8 inch straights on it. I have tried 4 different ones. They were all either waaayyy too quiet or waayyyy :TOTALFLOW Natural Finish, 2.25" TF-SS2424 The H-Pipe is recommended for those seeking that classic deep American muscle sound on their vehicle., X-Crossover Pipe Stamped X-Pipe - 2.25" Inlet Diameter, 2.25" Outlet Diameter, Designed to channel out the emitted gas from the engine of the vehicle, 409 Stainless steel construction for durability and corrosion resistance, Pipe have a

Are X-pipes and H-pipes Better Than Straight Pipes on Dual

Aug 18, 2015 · The consensus opinion among exhaust flow experts is that any V8 engine will benefit from an H-pipe or X-pipe section mounted on a dual exhaust system. Others feel X-pipes are better suited to free-revving overhead cam V6s and V8s, while H-pipes are a natural fit for high-torque big-block V8 engines that make their power lower on the rpms scale. Bolt-On Truck Power - PickupTrucks NewsSep 07, 2011 · The gas mileage, on my Dodge Ram 2500 4X4 Power Wagon (5.7L, 6-spd automatic, and 4.56:1 gears), went from about 10.3 m.p.g. (city) stock Dual Exhaust vs Single Exhaust Dual Exhaust Benefits Jul 21, 2021 · Dual exhaust systems help reduce backpressure, which can save energy and increase the engines efficiency for better gas mileage. When it comes to dual exhaust systems, an X-pipe will cross over in the middle and produce the least amount of power loss in comparison to an H-pipe.

Dual Exhausts - Do They Serve a Purpose or Pointless?

A dual exhaust may also have an H pipe before the converters to help control back pressure and increase horsepower. This is a crossover between the two exhaust pipes, and it forms an H with the exhaust pipes. Dual Exhaust vs Single Exhaust Systems . Dual in/ Dual Out Muffler vs Two Mufflers and X-Pipe Aug 20, 2016 · Personally I have the dual in dual out and since it comes with an X pipe built inside it, it will sound better than straight pipes. Aug 20, 2016 #5 M. Moparman16 Senior Member. Joined May 19, 2014 Posts 204 Reaction score 259 Location Northern Ontario. Exhaust System Advice Beware of Straight PipesExhaust System Advice Beware Straight Pipes and DIY Exhaust Systems One of the most popular vehicle performance add-ons is an upgraded exhaust system, and with good reason:A correctly designed and tuned exhaust system can add torque and horsepower across a wide RPM range.

How to Change the Exhaust Sound It Still Runs

Dual-walled, beveled and flared tips generally amplify the sound produced by the exhaust. Exhaust tips with outlets larger than the exhaust pipe inlet may amplify sound. Resonated exhaust tips are lined with fiberglass or sound dampening material and are specifically designed to reduce the Repair vs Performance Parts Exhaust SystemsOct 05, 2018 · In order to help the engine breathe better, pipes are designed to be as straight as possible on any given vehicle application. Unlike X- and H-pipe setups, dual pipes flow independently of one another at all points. In a straight through system such as the Ark Performance N2 Stainless Steel Exhaust System shown here, the two pipes flow independently of one another at all points. Understanding Mustang Exhaust SystemsA mid-pipe is where gases go when they leave the manifold. GT mid-pipes are different than V6 mid-pipes. GT Mustangs:Come stock with a pipe that has an H-formation ; V6 Mustangs:Come stock with a pipe that has a Y-formation (Y-pipe) Some aftermarket mid-pipes come in an X-formation and are called X-pipes

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Aug 14, 2012 · So we have concluded that in most cases, an X-pipe is almost always more beneficial than an H-pipe is. The other question we get a lot is:where should I place the x pipe or the h pipe in the system? The reality of this is the vehicle is going to dictate thisthe further upstream you can place it, the better because you want those gases to converge as soon as possible. What are the Differences Between Mustang H, X & Y Pipes?X-pipes are generally raspier and louder than H or Y-pipes and have been shown to provide slightly more power than their counterparts. You are likely to see most Anyone NOT using an X or H pipe, just straight duals Mar 19, 2012 · Mar 19, 2012. #19. If you don't want an H- pipe or X-pipe than you don't have to install one. It is as simple as that. Old muscle cars didn't have them. Heck even many new cars don't. They have been shown to change the exhaust flow and many people will install one on their street cars for the power and sound change.