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ASTM A500 Steel Tube Applications. Our ASTM A500 steel tubes are cold formed welded steel that can be used in all kinds of load bearing applications, including bridges and buildings. We carry a wide range of sizes and can customize any A500 tube to fit your project. Our A500 steel tubing options can be cold worked and are easy to weld. A500 B/C & A1085 Structural Tubing - Searing IndustriesA500 B/C & A1085 Structural Tubing. Structural Tubing or Hollow Structural Sections (HSS) are high-strength welded carbon steel tube used as structural members for construction applications and a variety of manufactured products. We produce round, square and rectangular shapes to meet both A500 B/C and A1085 ASTM specifications.

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The minimum wall thickness on tubing must not be more than 10% less than the specified wall thickness. The maximum wall thickness must not be more than 10% greater than the specified wall thickness (excluding the weld seam of welded tubing). The wall thickness for square and rectangular tubing only applies to the centers of the flats. ASTM A - 500 - Chicago Tube & IronSTRUCTURAL SQUARE AND RECTANGULAR TUBING MAXIMUM OUTSIDE CORNER RADII TOLERANCES. 10.6 Radius of ASTM A500 HSS Atlas TubeASTM A500 HSS are cold-formed, welded carbon steel structural elements in buildings, bridges and other load-bearing applications. Atlas manufactures squares, rectangles and rounds. All shapes feature excellent compression and support characteristics, as well as superior torsional resistance, making HSS particularly well-suited to all types of

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ASTM A500 is the current market leader for HSS materials. Material is produced to Grade C, which provides a minimum yield strength of 50 ksi. They are widely available in many sizes, shapes and wall thicknesses in service centers throughout North America. Astm A500 Grade B and C Black Steel Pipe and Tube The Astm A500 Grade C Pipe has 427MPa minimum tensile strength with 317MPa minimum yield strength. The grade C is the strongest in terms of tensile strength. Grade A of the Astm A500 Steel Pipe has the lowest tensile strength of 310MPa with minimum yield strength of 228MPa. There are different schedules ranging from sch20 through XXS and all HSS - Nucor Tubularin Section 11 of ASTM A500-20,* are discussed in detail. When checking tolerances for ASTM A847, ASTM A1085, ASTM A1065 or other material, the permissible variations may differ from what is given here; however, the method of measurement is the same. For additional information, please contact the HSS manufacturer or the Steel Tube Institute.

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Jan 01, 2006 · The tolerances on A500 HSS also tend to be tighter than those on A53. For example A53 requires only that the pipe be reasonably straight, where A500 places a specific tolerance on straightness. Also, A53 specifically allows dents with depths up Recommended Methods to Check Dimensional of checking dimensional tolerances, stipulated in Section 10 of ASTM A500 - 93*, are discussed in detail. For additional information, please contact the HSS manufacturer or The Steel Tube Institute of North America. * Excerpts from ASTM Standard Specication for Cold-Formed Welded and Seamless Carbon Steel Structural Tubing in Rounds and STRUCTURE magazine Round HSS EssentialsASTM A500 is the standard specification for cold-formed, welded, and seamless carbon steel structural tubing. Available in four grades, A through D, it is intended for use in construction and structural applications. Unlike A53 piping, which is only round, A500 is available in more shape options, most commonly round, square, and rectangular.

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Special tolerances can be negotiated for unique applications. ASTM A500 99, or latest revision Cold Formed Welded and Seamless Steel Structural Tubing in Rounds and Shapes Tolerance - ASTM A-500 - Alpine PipeTolerance - ASTM A-500 Largest Outside Dia. Across Flats in (m m) 2 ½ (6 3.5) and under Over 2 ½ to 3 ½ (6 3.5 to 88.9), incl Over 3 ½ to 5 ½ (8 8.9 to 139.7), incl Over 5 ½ (1 39.7) Thickness (t ) Out of Roundness Concavity / Convexity Squareness of size External corner profile Specified Dia of Longest Side, Max. Twist Max. TwistTechnical Data ASTM A500 & A500M - steel tube and TECHNICAL DATA OF STRUCTURAL TUBING IN ROUND & SHAPES CONFORMING TO ASTM A500/A500M External Dimensions (D) :±0.50% for 48.3mm & smaller, and ±0.75% for 50.0mm and above Straightness (e) :2.0 mm times of total length Round Tubes - Tolerances on dimensions A (Heat) 230 310 25 270 310 25 A (Product) B (Heat) 290 400 23 315 400 23 B (Product) 21