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#80 Chain Sprockets ANSI 80 Roller Chain Sprockets

We stock and supply a full line of high-quality ANSI #80 roller chain sprockets in a very wide range of configurations including; A-Plate, B-Hub, C-Hub, Idler, QD, Taper Bushed, Stainless Steel, Plastic, Single, Double, Double-Single, Triple, and more! We supply sprockets to a wide range of customers including; Re-Sellers, OEMs, large & small end users, and Government Entities. :Rotary 469 Steel Plate Sprocket :AutomotiveThis item Rotary 469 Steel Plate Sprocket Gekufa Go Kart Sprocket for 40/41/420 Chain, 60 Tooth Sprocket for Go Karts and Mini Bikes OCTOPUS 130492 Go Kart WAP 72 Tooth Live Axle Sprocket Rotary 470 Mini Bike #35 Chain Sprocket 4 Hole Sprocket

G&G Manufacturing Company - Wheel Hub Assemblies

Definition of Inset & Outset. G&G MANUFACTURING COMPANY manufactures and stocks many wheel hub and spindle assemblies, and components. Wheel hubs are all matched to their corresponding spindles. Load ratings range from 1250 lbs to 19000 lbs. capacity. 4, 5, 6, 8, 10 bolt patterns are available in stock, with 4.5" to 11.25" bolt circle dimensions. Manufacturer of Power Transmission, Motion Control, and Manufacturer of Power Transmission, Motion Control, and Motor Sprockets for #35 Chain - ElectricScooterParts10 Tooth 10mm Double D-Bore Sprocket for #35 Chain 1-3/8" OD, 8.5mm x 10mm ID. Fits 10mm OD dual-flatted motor shafts which have a nut and washer on end to secure sprocket in place. Made from hardened high-carbon steel with a black oxide finish. Item # SPR-3510

Roller Chain Sprockets McMaster-Carr

Flat Taper-Lock Bushing-Bore Sprocketsfor Double-Strand Metric Roller Chain. With a slim profile and a double row of teeth, these sprockets allow your metric ISO double-strand roller chain to fit into tight spaces. Theyre often called A-plate sprockets. SPROCKET - AMEC INDMOTE:1.Maximum bores shown will accommodate standard keyseat and setscrew over keyseat slightly larger bores are possible will no Ks .shallow KS or s. S.at angle to Ks. 2.Has recessed groove in hub or sprockets maket with an asterisk( *) groove sizes not shown,See Single-Type B sprocket. 3.Double 35 stock sprockets under 25 teeth have hardened Sprockets for Drive Chains Sprockets Power Sprockets with finished bores, keyways, and set screws. Customers can immediately use this sprocket, with no troublesome additional finishing required. Finished Bore Type:Specific finishings (stock items) Bore Finishing Type:Can be freely selected from set finishes

Sprockets, Sheaves & Bushings - Carlisle Belts

Sprockets, Sheaves & Bushings Timken is proud to partner All Steel QD Bushings 325 Standard QD Bushings 326 QD Short Bushings 327 Taper Bushings Installation & Removal 328 Dimensions Pulley sizes shown stocked as stock bore only:max. bore listed is without keyway. If keyway is used reduce max. bore by twice keyway depth. Steel Durable Standard Stock Bore Sprockets(NK) 50 Chain Steel Durable Standard Stock Bore Sprockets(NK) 50 Chain Sprockets for Various Uses Made in China from Brand:YQ-ChinaTransmissions;Model:50 chain sprocket;Sprocket:(NK) 50 Chain Sprockets; Hardened teeth:Up to customer; Steel best China Durable Standard Stock Bore Sprockets(NK Steel best China Durable Standard Stock Bore Sprockets(NK) 41 Chain Sprockets for Various Uses. Detail Information. Roller Chain Sprocket Japan Standard Series 41 roller chain sprocket dimensions. all sprockets with pilot bore. available with type A platewheels,simplex

Steel sales China Durable Standard Stock Bore Sprockets(NK

Min bore size:45:Max bore size:170:Hardened Teeth:Up to customer:Steel Durable Standard Stock Bore Sprockets:Black Oxide:Up to customer:Bore Type:Stock Bore Steel wholesaler China Durable Standard Stock Bore Steel wholesaler China Durable Standard Stock Bore Sprockets(NK) 140 Chain Sprockets for Transmission From China Idler sprocket for motorized Detail Information Stock Timing Pulleys - Martin SprocketAND STOCK BORE Stock Bore Taper Bushed QD Pitch (Inches) Pulley Designation 1/5" XL (Extra Light) 3/8" L (Light) 1/2" H (Heavy) 7/8" XH (Extra Heavy) Timing Pulleys are manufactured to extremely close specifications and are stocked in minimum plain bore, Taper Bushed and QD bushed styles depending on size and pitch . See tables for stock pulley

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102 rows · Type A Stock Bore Sprockets. Get In Touch. G&G Manufacturing Company 4432 McKinley Street P.O. Box 12086