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AISI BS4659 * Double Mushet ND T1 BT1 Triple Mushet GZ T4 BT4 Mushet MKK M2 BM2 Mushet Special VG M15 BM15 * ( 1971) 5 Heat Treating SteelMetal specimen set for Metallurgical Study contains various kinds of ferrous metal in various conditions. Each specimen is prepared, etched, and coated with transparency coating material to protect the specimen surface and to be able to see under microscope. The data and specimen descriptions and micro-photographs are prepared and combined as a book and supplied together with the specimens.

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Specifications Sheets on Bright low carbon steels, Bright Medium Carbon Steels, Direct Hardening Steels, Case Hardening Steel, Stainless Steels and Tool BS-4659-1989 - Nov 18, 2011 · BS4659:1989 BSI04-1999 BritishStandard specifies chemical composition, tolerances maximumdepths functionaldecarburization recommendsheat treatment temperature ranges diesteels hot-rolledrounds coiledrod; machined,ground drawnrounds coiledrod; forgedbar. NOTE termhot-rolled coil used BS4659:1971 has been replaced coiledrod. NOTE CEDAM base de donnees des alliages de metaux, metal Base de données de métaux comparant 63000 désignations internationales normalisées et commerciales, pour 7800 alliages de métaux. Compositions chimiques et

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Strength and hardness decrease, - Similar RUSSIA UK steels AISI/SAE ASTM A681 DIN KRUPP SS14 ASSAB DAIDO HITACHI N.KOSHUHA GOST BS4659 P20 P20 1.2311 2311 USA P20 718Supreme PX 4 YSS: ASSAB JIS G4403 HITACHI N.KOSHUHA GOST BS4659 M2 M2 high C 1.3345 S600 2722 ASP-41 SKH 51 YXM 1 H 51 R6M5 BM2 Characteristics and applications: Raj MetalGreat Britain BS4659:U.S.A AISI/SAE. Germany W-Nr Din. Italy UNI. Japan Jis. France AFNOR. Spain UNE. B01. O1. 1.2510 100MnCrW4. 95MnWCr5KU ~SKS3. 90MnWCrV5 90MWCV5 Tool Steel - Comparison of foreign standards - Stainless Great Britain BS4659. U.S.A AISI/SAE. Germany W-Nr Din. Italy UNI. Japan Jis. France AFNOR. Spain UNE. B01. O1. 1.2510 100MnCrW4. 95MnWCr5KU ~SKS3. 90MnWCrV5 90MWCV5

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Feb 01, 1972 · However, there is now a British Standard (BS4659,1971) which is largely based on the AISI system. In view of this BT1 is rapidly being replaced by BM2 as the most widely used high speed steel. Because of the variations in the amount of alloying elements used it is possible to obtain high speed steels with a wide range of physical properties What is Tool Steel - DESHENG PRECISIONJan 03, 2020 · A2 is sold in annealed condition. Typical annealing hardness is BHN 197/241 Rc 12/22. The maximum working hardness of A-2 is BHN 698 Rc 62. A-2 can meet the requirements of ASTM-A681. typical application Blanking die/ Compression mold / forming mold / trimming mold / die / drill sleeve / gauge / lamination mold Chemical composition (typical value) What is the colour of high speed steel? - AnswersSep 14, 2011 · The most popular specification of steel used to produce these products is BS4659 BM2 commonly known as M2 high speed steel. M2 offers good

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BS4659 BM2 high speed steel stockholders and suppliers, delivering to the whole of the UK. BM2 high speed tool steel is supplied in round bar, sheet and plate. BM2 is tungsten molybdenum high speed grade used in a wide variety of tooling applications. BM2 combines high toughness with good cutting powers. We welcome export enquiries for BS 4659 BM2 high speed steel.