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Continuous cast gear-wheel blanks, aluminum bronze, alloy C95400. This alloy, like other aluminum bronzes, is known for its high as-cast strength (35 ksi, 221 MPa YS; 85 ksi, 586 MPa UTS) and favorable anti-wear properties. Note that the gear-wheel spokes are cast as part of the blank, thereby reducing the extent of finish machining operations. Aluminum Bronze Casting Supplier Nickel Aluminum Aluminum Bronze Casting Supplier:Nickel Aluminum Bronze 955 for Engine Bushings, Landing Gear, & Valve Guides. Erie Bronze & Aluminum is a non-ferrous sand casting supplier specializing in bronze alloy castings. Serving numerous industries, we cast a variety of non-leaded bronze alloys including Aluminum Bronze 955.

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Aluminum bronze alloys are used in marine hardware, shafts, and pump and valve components for handling seawater, sour mine waters, non-oxidizing acids, and industrial process fluids. They are also used in applications such as heavy duty sleeve bearings and machine tool ways. Aluminum bronze castings have exceptional corrosion resistance, high strength, toughness, and wear resistance. Aluminum Bronzes - Copper Aluminum Alloys - Aluminum Aluminum Bronze Alloys Chill Mold Cast Parts Made from Copper Aluminum Alloys are Wear-Resistant, Corrosion-Resistant and resist embrittlement Copper Aluminum alloys better known in the industry as aluminum bronze alloys are the choice alloys for designers when replacing steel weld fabrications with a one piece PIAD chill casting. Aluminum and Aluminum Alloys - NISTaluminum alloys include the 2xxx, 6xxx, 7xxx, and some of the 8xxx alloys. The various combinations of alloying additions and strengthening mechanisms used for wrought aluminum alloys are shown in Table 1. The strength ranges achievable with various classes of wrought and cast alloys are given in

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Bronze as a Casting Metal. Bernier Cast Metals works with most copper based alloys including Tin Bronze, Manganese Bronze, Aluminum Bronze, Nickel Bronze and Phosphor Bronze.We can produce small to large runs utilizing air-set sand casting, green sand casting, and creating wood or plastic patterns directly from customer drawings. C95300 CDA 953 Aluminum Bronze Alloys - conex-castingC95300 / CDA 953 Aluminum Bronze Alloys Specification :CDA ASTM Asarcon SAE AMS Federal Military Other C953 B505 B505M 68B J461 J462 QQ-C-390, G7; QQ-B-671, Class 2 MIL-B-16033, Class 2 Aluminum Bronze 9B Chemical Composition :Cu% Fe% Al% Chemical Composition according to ASTM B505/B505M-18 Note:Cu + Sum of Named Elements, 99.0% min. Single values, unless Cast Aluminum Bronze Alloys - Brass Casting FoundryAlu-Bra Foundry produces brass castings, bronze castings and aluminum castings in a broad range of alloys. Were also a leading supplier of lead free brass castings. Alu-Bra Foundry Inc. is located just west of Chicago and within 15 minutes of O'Hare International Airport. ISO 9001:2015 Certification.

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C62400 Copper Aluminum Bronze Alloy is suitable for medium-duty applications where high ductility is required and wear and fatigue is involved. It has good corrosion resistance and excellent hot formability for fabrication by hot forging and hot bending. Applications of C62400:C62400 Copper Aluminum Bronze Alloy is typically used for nuts, gears, cams, drift pins, [] Federal Bronze ::Foundry, Bronze, Aluminum, Stainless SteelAll Bronzes Manganese Bronze Aluminum Bronze Nickel Alloys Tin Bronzes. 70/30 Copper Nickel Alloys Monel Stainless Steel And most Aluminum Alloys. Federal Bronze - a division of the OneSource Casting Corp. About Federal Bronze. Federal Bronze is a full-service foundry specializing in Bronze, Aluminum, Stainless Steel & Nickel Alloys sand castings. Guide to Nickel Aluminium Bronze for EngineersAlloys of copper and aluminium are known as aluminium bronze and, together with other alloying additions, produce a range of properties that are beneficial to a diverse range of industries. Of these, the nickel aluminium bronze group of alloys is the most widely used.

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A wide variety of wrought products are made in aluminum bronze alloys, including forgings, rod, bar, section (profile), flat, sheet, strip and plate, filler rod and wire. An Metal Casting Grain - Casting ContentiMetal Casting Grain. Copper and Bronze-based metal casting grain alloys, each with its own characteristics suited to different lost-wax casting needs. Metal Casting Resources:Standards & Properties - Copper & Copper Alloy Aluminum bronze alloys typically contain 9-12% aluminum and up to 6% iron and nickel. Alloys in these composition limits are hardened by a combination of solid solution strengthening, cold work, and precipitation of an iron rich phase. High aluminum alloys are quenched and tempered.

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About this Publication. This publication aims to give an engineering overview of the properties of nickel aluminium bronze alloys, their specifications and their applications for operators, designers, manufacturers and fabricators.Aluminum Bronze for Metal Casting General Kinematics Aluminum bronze is created when an aluminum alloy is added to copper. The percentage of aluminum determines the grade of aluminum bronze, allowing the metal to take on a variety of different physical properties. That said, when you cast aluminum and bronze together, the alloy generally retains the features that make it so worthwhile: